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    Sorensen Performance Training - Where Skill and Strength meet!

About Me

Dana Sorensen brings over 15 years of experience coaching and playing softball at the highest levels.

I attended Stanford University where I was named an NFCA All American 3 times, in addition to 4 time All Pac 10 team recognitions. During my career at Stanford I helped lead the Cardinal to 2 trips to the Women’s College World Series.

Following my college career, I moved out to the east coast for my master’s degree in Exercise Sport Science from University of North Carolina. In addition to graduate school I spent my summers playing in the National Professional Fastpitch league playing for both New England Riptide and the Arizona Heat. In that time I was also named to the USA National Team, and was a member of the Gold medal team from the Intercontinental Cup.

After receiving my Master’s degree I began my coaching career with UC Davis. I spent three seasons with the Aggies working with the pitchers and taking the lead role on all recruiting efforts. From UC Davis I moved up to the Pacific Northwest to take an assistant coaching position with Oregon State University.

After spending several years coaching in the college system, I decided to move back home to San Diego and work with younger athletes. In the summer of 2011 I began private coaching instruction business. While working with the younger athletes I began to realize the importance of understanding functional movement and the role of strength as it pertains to teaching the skill of pitching. So I followed my passion and pursued my Certification from the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. In that time I also got my Kettlebell certification from Strongfirst, and my Functional Movement Screen level 1 and 2, from Functional Movement Systems.

With my pitching knowledge and experience combined with my passion in studying human movement, I bring a unique approach to working with athletes. I believe that teaching pitching should match the basic principles of human movement, and with that mindset we can help kids increase their potential.

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"If you don't have time to do it right, when will you have the time to do it over?”

John Wooden

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Sorensen Performance Training

A unique combination of skill expertise in pitching with fundamental knowledge of human movement patterns.



With over 10 years of playing experience at the highest level, Pac 12, national and professional teams, I know what it takes to win at the highest level. I also know what it takes to stay at the highest level.

My goal is to teach pitchers to throw with efficiency. I take the principles of explosive movement and apply that to pitching. We seek to match pitching to how the body moves, not the other way around. Elite pitching isn’t about who throws the hardest, and it isn’t about who has the best spin – its about who can do both and sustain that through an entire season.

Softball Specific Pitchers Performance Program

EM and myself are excited to offer the first Softball Specific Pitchers Performance Program. Myself and EM have teamed up to design a pitchers specific program that addresses the specific needs of the high school age pitcher. Our program is geared first and foremost to help reduce risks of injury by evaluating each individual and designing their individual program to help correct their mobility or stability issues. Each pitcher is unique so each pitcher will be assessed, evaluated and trained based on their specific issues. Our primary goal is to identify movement pattern dysfunction and teach the athlete how to correct those dysfunctions. We will build strength and explosive power, with proper movement patterns, to help each pitcher reach their full potential on the mound. With my pitching expertise and EM’s rich history of training athletes, we can now provide pitchers with the absolute best training program to maximize their potential while minimizing injury risks.

One on One Lessons

In person one on one lessons

For those in the San Diego area, or within the San Diego region, I offer ½ hour lessons. First lesson is an assessment of the athlete’s efficiency of motion, what they have been working on and what their goals are. From there I will give an overall assessment of what they need to work on. Lessons following the first lesson will address those issues in their motions, as well as their goals for their pitching.

Group Clinics

Group Clinics: 5 or more pitchers

A two hour clinic on the basic fundamentals of pitching. We will cover the how and why of pitching, as well as a brief explanation of moving pitches (depending on Age). I will also go over practice programs, and appropriate training volumes throughout the year.

Testimonials & Endorsements

  • "Dana Sorensen has excelled at every level as a pitcher with her knowledge, skill and work ethic.  Now as a private pitching instructor she brings that experience as an athlete and a successful collegiate pitching coach to the athletes she mentors. One of the best instructors in the game today."

    Kirk Walker – Associate Head Coach, UCLA
  • “Dana Sorensen is one of the most fundamentally sound pitching coaches around. She has the athletes best interest in mind for their current pitching ability and for future pitching opportunities. I have been around Dana for a very long time and she has gathered information that will help all pitchers no matter what level they are competing at. She is an outstanding teacher of the game and more importantly she attains the highest character for young people to develop around.”

    Lonni Alameda – Head Softball Coach, Florida State University
  • “Dana Sorensen is one of the premier minds of pitching in fastpitch softball. The experience and knowledge she has gained through her years of playing and coaching at the highest levels has provided her with a solid foundation for helping pitchers. Dana's brilliant mind and ambitious nature have pushed her to explore and delve into the workings of the entire body and mind to get the most out of her pitchers. Her insight in these areas coupled with her expertise in pitching mechanics and fundamentals makes her a top choice in pitching instruction for pitchers who are looking to excel at the next level.”

    Sara Pickering – Assistant Coach, Fresno State Softball
  • Dana has been a great Pitching Coach, as well as a Friend, and Mentor to me, and I admire and respect her very much. She holds me accountable, she helps me achieve my potential, and she encourages me to be the best me that I can be.”

    Delanie R. Gourley – University of Florida

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San Diego, California


San Diego, California